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Introducing Cooper, Our 2016-17 Minn. Champion


Cooper loves fishing, especially with his dad. But baiting a hook and casting a rod are very difficult with dystonia, an incurable neurological disorder that causes Cooper’s body to twist and shake. In fact, it makes everyday tasks like tying shoes or eating cereal extremely difficult and frustrating.

To manage, Cooper tried medications, physical therapy, even Botox injections, but the dystonia worsened. The final option was for Cooper to undergo a rare and complicated deep brain stimulation surgery, in which a medical device was implanted under his chest to help him control movements through electronic signals to his brain. In fact, Cooper’s children’s hospital is one of a few in the nation to offer this complex surgery.

Today, Cooper lives without many of the limitations he once faced. He can tie his shoes, eat cereal, brush his teeth, pour a glass of milk, play chess and most importantly, fish with his dad.

How donations helped Cooper at Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare:   

Cooper receives care from rehabilitation, neurology and neurosurgery specialists at his hospital’s Complex Movement Disorders Clinic — all supported with help from CMN Hospitals donations.