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Miracle Makers of the Day: Clinical Staff

Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare is devoted to providing the best quality care to our patients, and this is seen through our award winning clinical staff. Most recently recognized was Tammy Sinkfield-Morey, winner of the March of Dimes Minnesota Distinguished Nurse of the Year Award.

There isn’t a single day that Tammy has not brought sunshine and positive energy into Gillette. Often times this energy can be found in the form of hugs!

Sinkfield-Morey feels people can be their best selves when they feel respected and grounded. “That’s where the hugs come in I guess,” she confesses. “The hugs are rooted in my childhood. I had a grandmother who loved me but was often dealing with a serious mental illness. The hugs helped to ground her and comfort her,” Sinkfield-Morey says. “That’s what I try to do every day at Gillette—to ground and comfort people.”

Grounded and comforted they are! Read more about Tammy’s Journey to Gillette here.

Your Donations Make a Difference

In addition to their compassion and expertise, our staff members at Gillette are unwavering in their generosity! Each year, Gillette hosts an Employee Giving Campaign, where staff can donate to the cause that speaks to them. Last year, a portion of the money raised supported research at Gillette and the Music Therapy program.

The Music Therapy program supports board-certified music therapists at the hospital, who use music to provide support and distraction during medical procedures, help kids cope with a hospital stay, and encourage the growth of physical, thinking and learning abilities. Kids of all ages can benefit from music therapy—and they all love the opportunity to sing, listen or play instruments during their session.

To donate and help further fund therapy programs like these, click here.