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CU4Kids-Minnco Credit Union’s “Chain of Hearts”

Minnco Credit Union has developed a strong “Chain of Hearts” campaign, holding this fundraiser annually for many years. Minnco team members travel to each of their branches to promote their Chain of Hearts campaign and deliver the various size and colored paper heart icons. These are “sold” to their business and individual credit union members for a donation benefiting their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, Gillette Children’s. On a certain day of each week, Minnco employees dress up according to the week’s theme which produces curiosity from its members. Tellers then ask their members to support the cause and make a donation for a paper heart. Theme days range from Duck Dynasty, beach day, sports apparel, camo, logger day and more. At the end of the campaign, the teller who sells the most heart icons gets to throw a pie in the face of their CEO, Doug Hallstrom. One thing’s for sure, Minnco’s team puts the “FUN” in fun-draising! So much so, that they raised $38,357!! Nice work, Minnco CU team and members!

Lumberjack Day
Beach Day
Lumberjack Day
Camo Day
Minnco CU Miracle Workers
Minnco’s Chain of Hearts Campaign raised $38,357!