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Play Games Help Kids – How? Through Extra Life

Gillette uses virtual reality goggles to distract patients during procedures and recovery from surgery.
Grady Uses VR Goggles During Recovery

Do you love to play games? What if you could play games (board, video, sports, phone app games, cards, what have we forgot?) and help others at the same time?  Well, you CAN! Sign up to play games and help kids like Brady through Extra Life.  Click on the image to view Brady’s inspiring story.

Because Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare is a specialty hospital, Gillette receives referrals from all around Minnesota, the U.S. and world. No matter where you live, someone in your area or region likely is or has been helped by Gillette!  Below you will see ways to connect with others who are gaming to support the mission of Gillette.

  • The MN Twin Cities Extra Life Guild has a Discord server for our community to join along with the national Extra Life Discord.  You’ll find local Twin Cities Guild information here, as well as national Extra Life updates and announcements. The invite link is:
  • We also have the Twin Cities Extra Life Guild Facebook group page where people can join and communicate with each other.

Troy Cleland, President of the Twin Cities Extra Life Guild shares, “It’s about donations and recruitment. Recruit one other person to help raise money. We can double our outcome if everyone does this.”

So, “get your game on” and sign up to join with people across the U.S. on November 7 (or whatever day you choose) and select to support Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare.  No matter what, you’ll be a WINNER! AND it’s a “Win – Win” for all.